Friday, October 28, 2016

Just Dash profile

Real Name: 

What is the origin of your derby name and number? 

Just Dash was a joke from my first league. I was rostered to bout but still didn't have a skater name, so they put a "-" mark in the name column. Someone jokingly said "you're Dash" and it stuck. My original number was K2, which was from my family. My sister and brother are also K names, so in family notes my Mom referred to us as K1, K2 (me) and K3. It changed when letters were removed from numbers to a countdown of 321.

What did you do athletically before you got into derby? 
A little bit of everything growing up. Downhill skiing, swim team, soccer, basketball, cross country running, tennis, water skiing, volleyball.... Mostly competitive horse back riding, show jumping for close to 10 years. I love the outdoors and variety. Currently practice yoga, hike & backpack, ski & snowboard, rock climb - bouldering, and occasionally just run.

How did you get into derby? 
I watched a few bouts and thought it looked fun, but I didn't think I was aggressive enough to hit people. A friend of mine joined and I thought if she could do it, I could do it. Turns out I love hitting.

How long have you been playing/reffing/officiating? 
Roughly 2.5 years.

What is your best derby moment? 
Pairs blocking during playoffs with Elyse LeKraken holding the jammer for the last 20ft like bosses...without talking. The quiet part was super odd since both of us normally talk a lot on the track, but apparently we didn't need it then. It was weird and magical.

What do you love about derby and why? 

Where to start. It makes me feel like a superhero. I joined derby around the time I uprooted my life in a multitude of ways and it's been a beacon of healing and happiness. There are so many life lessons mixed in with the hits, blocks and falls. It has by far been the most positive impact I've ever experienced from a sporting community. I love watching derby transform people and bring out parts of their personality they may have lost or never known. Derby inspires confidence, strength, love. Plus roller skating is just FUN.

What are your goals in roller derby? 
I'm looking forward to playing throughout Europe! I'm also considering reffing consistently. All the things!

How long do you think you will be playing? 

Until it isn't fun or my body refuses to.

What kind of derby equipment do you play on/use? 
Bont skates with Avenger plates and Jupiter toestops, TSG knee pads, occasionally TSG knee gasket, I think Atom elbow pads, 187 wrist guards, and an S1 helmet painted with mountains and northern lights.

Any humorous derby stories you care to relate? 

I love to laugh and make others laugh. Like a lot. I tend to say silly things on the track to teammates that mostly become inside jokes but can work as communication too. "Don't poop, Fabio" "Burrito" "Flamingo" Other than that I recall somehow managing to put my own hand down my pants when I fell jamming. No idea how. Once reffing scrimmage I managed to forget I didn't have a whistle in my mouth and tried to call off the jam with a nice phewwww spewing of spit. Wildly effective. All this being said I'm very competitive and work hard but find it really important to stay relaxed and have fun.

Positions you play/officiate: 

Blammer! Possibly most experienced as B blocker but I play a little of everything. There is something different to every position and I enjoy the challenge of that variety. New to jam reffing and outside pack reffing.

Anything else you'd like to add?
I custom paint derby helmets and love watching my teammates rock those designs on the track.

League/Team(s) affiliated with: 

Rolling Hills Derby Dames. Bath City Roller Girls. Boulder County Bombers All-Stars & Bombshells.... and a team in Switzerland to be decided.

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