Friday, November 21, 2014

Some great news (for officials)

Of course, it's a year away, but the WFTDA is finally going numbers only for skaters. Yay!  Anyone who knows me knows I've been complaining about this for a while.  Letters in between numbers are a pain in the ass to keep straight.  Yes, there are some easy ones, like "A1" but for the most part, it can get really confusing on the officials side in a hurry.  Saying numbers and letters all in a row, especially if there are more than one skater getting a penalty can cause chaos in the middle and thus cause delays in the game while we figure out what is going on.  This goes into effect in December 2015.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

throwback story 9-29-12

Here's a funny story about traveling to away bouts.  Keythong had asked me to fill in this bout in Laguna for him, so I would be headed up about 75 minutes north to be an OPR.  This was back in the days of two whistle starts, minute long penalty box stays and minor penalties.  Have I mentioned that I don't miss these things at all now?  This time my travel partners were Samwise Banshee (Kathy) and Achilles Fools (Patience).  Kathy was an NSO and P was playing in the bout.  I rarely call these two wonderful women by their derby names, since I learned their real names first.  It's how it goes, right?  Anyway, I met them at Skateworld and piled my gear into the car and away we went.

Friday, November 14, 2014

oh no, not again

Last week at scrimmage we had an embarrassment of refs- nine, I think.  This week we had four.  So guess who ended up head reffing?  Yep, that would be someone who hadn't done it but maybe twice in the last year (and those were both at scrimmages for a half an hour each).

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

sure, blame the refs

Since I've become a ref, I've been a lot more sensitive to how refs are treated in other sports, not just roller derby.  And it's really mostly demoralizing.  Refs are always the bad guys, whether the call is correct or not.  You know that half the fans watching will hate it.  And I am sure I was just as guilty of this in the past, at least with football, since that's pretty much the only sport I watch on TV.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bomb Shelter #3

If you can look past the adorable Meg My Day, you will see part of what the newest Bomb Shelter looks like.    It's a pretty nice place, and it's really good to have a true "home" while BCB looks for a permanent home for the league.