Wednesday, April 30, 2014

gender equality in roller derby...

Since it's been a "hot" topic the last few days, I gave it a bit of thought.  I've never talked about men's derby at all, because as I've always said (mostly in jest): "I didn't join roller derby to play with boys."  I had a long post in mind, but after reading a few more blog posts about men in roller derby and many people not understanding that roller derby has always had men and women playing (granted not against each other) I've come to the conclusion that this is a rather made up controversy.  A tempest in a teapot, if you will.  My final reaction was "So what?"

Monday, April 28, 2014

Mallory Knox-n-Blocks profile

Real Name: 
Amelia VerSteegt

What is the origin of your derby name and number?
When I was trying to come up with a derby name I was trying to think of the most hardcore name I could think of... and Natural Born Killers came to mind.. Mallory Knox.. added the blocks part because well, we block.   My number is my kids and my birth months... didn't think of the 357 magnum until after the fact

What did you do athletically before you got into derby? 

Nothing... I have never played any sports until derby.

How did you get into derby? 
I was in a car accident in March of 2011 and my massage therapist and I started talking about roller derby and about how I wanted to check it out and maybe start playing. He used to do massage for the Denver Roller Dolls and was friends with Top Cat of Detour Derby and called her right after my appointment to ask her how I could start skating with them. And well, I went to a bout that Saturday night and showed up at Detour that next morning.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

my first ref eval

Last month Eric RAWK came to Longmont and had a reffing clinic and then head reffed the double header that Saturday night.  It was announced that any interested refs and NSO would be able to have evals for the second bout, which was a regulation game.  I want to become WFTDA certified, so I signed up. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Ninjaz vs Rebel Alliance, round 2


Another amazing game for the books! The Rollin’ Ninjas took on the Roller Rebel Alliance once again in a short but brutal 30 minute bout. Going into the game it seemed like an easy win for the RRA; the Ninjas roster was down to a mere nine girls due to injuries. But against the odds, we won 36-27!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Stryker Trading Card

Here's another great trading card, this time from Hidden City.  I saw both Litl Rampage's and Stryker's on the same day, just different times, of course.  I went with Rampage's because it was the first one I saw, no favorites here.  Stryker has written several blog posts for me, so it's about time she got her own tag as well.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Boulder County Bombers Spring Tournament 2014

This past Saturday BCB hosted their first ever one day tournament.  It featured three teams from the area, BCB's Bombshells, DRG's Project Mayhem and FoCo's Punchy Brewsters.

It was a fun night of skating.  There was a lot of hard hitting action, and every bout was pretty close.  The "games" were 50 minutes long, due to it being a round robin sort of deal.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Skateaway - Dire Straits

While this song and video is not really ABOUT Roller Derby, it's pretty close. There's a line about the rollergirl hipchecking a truck in the middle of it. It's also a great song and a very evocative video. It was the first song that made me like Dire Straits, and that was before I ever saw this video.

Friday, April 11, 2014

seen or heard?

I recently read an interview where the statement was made "I believe refs should be seen and not heard".  This got me to thinking, which is a mixed blessing at times, don'tcha know.

After my initial reaction of "without refs, you have no bout game (just heard last night they are to be called "games" now... but that's a rant for another column)" I started thinking that most refs would be happy if we were just skating out there, not having to call penalties to keep the players safe.  Those dang skaters make it so difficult though...

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Litl Rampage Trading Card

This is something I really like and think all teams should do.  I remember asking about doing them a few years ago but it never seemed to go anywhere.  I know it can take a little time to get these things done, but as seen here, Litl Rampage did a great job on her own.  It looks really professional, and would be a good thing to hand out before during and after bouts.  It is only fitting I write about her now, since it's been quite some time since she's been featured on this blog (if you are a new reader, click on her name in the tags and you'll see what I mean). 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

BCB Double Header Home Opener

Last Saturday, March 29th, I reffed my first official Boulder County Bombers match.  It was a long derby filled weekend and this was smack  in the middle of it.  These photos are courtesy of Noah Bryant Photography, and he managed to get loads of great shots.  Sure, there could always be more of the refs, but I always say that, don't I?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Shirley Mowyadowney profile

Real Name:
Kellie Bruce

What is the origin of your derby name and number?

I knew when I started derby, I wanted something car or car racing related and remembered watching NHRA drag racer Shirley Muldowney as a kid so I went with a variation on that –Shirley Mowyadowney. My number, 132, is also racing-related; it was the car number of a drag racing team I was involved with.

What did you do athletically before you got into derby? 

I roller skated every weekend and summer from 3rd grade until 8th grade. I did a few seasons of inline speed skating with Rocky Mountain Racing in the late 90’s. I also played a season of roller hockey but spent the majority of my time in the penalty box so I’m not sure that counts.