Thursday, February 28, 2013

Referee Resume

on the advice of my pal Tom (TRFKAT) I'm working on my roller derby referee resume.  this is proving a little more difficult than anticipated, since I don't remember all of my 2010 bouts.  I know I missed one due to a work conflict, and I know the last one was my debut as a skating ref.  the rest were jam timers, except for a penalty box timer in Orange County in September, I think.  I just don't remember the dates.  I know I have most of them written down somewhere, but sadly, they are probably all boxed up at the moment.  the last two years are a bit easier, since Tom sent me his resume as a guideline.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Comettes' first bout 2013

written by Liberty Belle, a first hand view of the Comettes first bout of 2013!

Not really sure where to start. When asked by a few people what playing in my first Derby Bout was like, I think the only adjective that I can come up with to best describe the day is, AH-MAZING!

My brain is still processing the day.. Beginning with a Friday night visit to see a sick friend at the hospital, to allowing myself to sleep in Saturday morning, to enjoying a relaxing morning (that part I remember); but it wasn’t until I was parking at the rink, that memories begun to get hazy.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

first bout, 2-23-13

Seems like I haven't written about an actual bout for a long time.  four years ago I worked my first bout as a jam timer, the season opener way back when.  what a long way SDRD has come since then.

we had a new set up for the benches and penalty box, which I really think works well.  it also opens up a lot more seats to the public along one entire side of the rink.  very nice.  there's also the new rules set, which still is getting used to by the players and the refs, but is generally a good thing (if only they had to occupy the pivot line again...).

Friday, February 22, 2013

Roller Derby Mania

I'm not sure if this is a doc or what, but there are seven parts to it. pretty cool to see old school roller derby, though it's definitely into the "sports entertainment" phase. doesn't stop the girls from being great athletes or the actual fun in watching it though. the narrator lets us know these clips are from various time periods ... which kind of surprises me with the program being in black and white. I'm just astounded they play with scant pads and only the jammers have helmets!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

a National Ref/NSO Day?

this is an idea from my buddy Stryker and I think it's an excellent one.  consider the source here, of course.  I do think refs and NSO should get more recognition.

"I don't know what happened BUT I'M POSTING AGAIN!!!!!!!!  I want to declare February 19th as National Roller Derby REF/NSO Day!  Is there one ALREADY?  This Group of Men and Women are Under appreciated! It's BOUT time that CHANGE!  Please Take a Moment to Comment and SHARE in hopes we can get them to understand our GRATITUDE!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Litl Rampage: The Rehabilitation Reformation

for those who cam in late... Litl Rampage is in the process of rehabbing her fractured left ankle.  this is her story of the road to recovery!

I do my physical therapy at Rehab United and my therapist is Christopher Giudicelli. I have been to physical therapy five times now and it’s been getting easier for my ankle each time. Christopher has encouraged me to trust myself to do things that I thought I couldn’t do in a short time span. After trusting my ankle, he often reminds me that it’s okay to take it slow and easy with my exercises. He always calls me an over-achiever!    

So, what is physical therapy like?
If I had to describe physical therapy in one word it would have to be “CHALLENGING!” My left ankle has been overly protected and immobile for nearly two months so you can only imagine what therapy is like. If my ankle had its own personality it would be depicted as a spoiled brat that doesn’t listen to anyone. I constantly fight its resistance until it is willing to give in.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Boulder County Bombers

just got an article in the mail about this roller derby league in my hometown of Longmont, Colorado.  it's a fun article explaining how the Boulder County Bombers got started and what roller derby entails.  it's a nice article and it makes me excited to see that there's a league I can skate with when I visit Longmont.  it would be a lot of fun to do that in the town I learned to skate in so many years ago.  the local rink was the Rollerama, I think, or maybe Rollarena?  dang, it's been a long time since those days. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Elektra Q-Tion Profile

(another first! my blogger hero and inspiration for starting this here blog! she's a great writer, artist and derby player!)

Real Name:
My Real name is Q.  It's actually a part of my last name, but it's what I'm known as, in and out of derby.

what is the origin of your derby name and number?
My husband came up with my derby name Elektra Q-Tion because I loved the comic book character Elektra...not the crappy movie version. Elektra was too long to shout in my league, so Beth Row dubbed me "Q" and that's what I answer to.

My number is from Back to the's really 1.21 gigawatts, but due to WFTDA regulations, I dropped the decimal and ggw.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Roller Derby... as seen on TV

since the resurgence of roller derby has occurred, both local stations and national tv shows and movies have been interested in showing it.  I saw one episode of CSI that was about roller derby.  I don't remember much about it, though it seemed enjoyable at the time.  early on in my derby career a local web based magazine did an article about SDRD, and recently North County News did very good spot on HCDG. I can't seem to find the spot on SDRD now, though I remember it being cute.  it was one of the typical "reporter laces up the skates" sort of thing, though she was very respectful of the girls when out there.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Foxyvicious profile

Real Name: 
Jennifer Gilbraith-Wyrick

what is the origin of your derby name and number? 
I used to have a Queensland Heeler named Foxy when I was growing up and she was the best dog in the world. And she was vicious.

How did you get into derby? 
I used to do mixed martial arts and boxing, I really like rough contact sports and just wanted to try something new. I was tired of getting punched in the face. Getting knocked down on a hard floor by someone's hips is way better.

How long have you been playing? 
4 years

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Epsom Salt

guest column by Liberty Belle! look for more wonderful health related derby musings from her in the future!

I bet you’ve heard of it growing up, the home remedy cures of Epsom Salt.  I always have.  I’ve probably been advised to use it, more than a dozen times over the years for various reasons.  Sadly, I never bothered to give an Epsom Salt bath a try because, oh I dunno, it’s old fashioned?  Perhaps it seems unlikely to take away those aches and pains, I mean its just salt right?

Derby is brutal, well at 42 it is, and I am sure if you are out there, you know what I mean.  You go to practice, skate hard till you can’t inhale, fall a few times for various reasons, use your quads till they hate you and that is before we start scrimmaging!  RAD!  Although I psychotically love every single rough and tumble skate till you drop minute of it,  I do spend a lot of my off-skates time, well, whining, I mean aching.