Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Philly MeCrackin’ profile

Courtney Stitzman

Derby Name: 
Philly MeCrackin’

What’s the origin of your derby name and number? 
I am originally from Pennsylvania and lived in Philly for 10 years. Philadelphia holds a special place in my heart but I needed to move on. When I first started derby I let my Philly freak flag fly with my cheese steak tattooed on my arm. Roxy and Von T started calling me Philly and it stuck. The MeCrackin’ part  I just needed to give it something that was perverse and funny like me.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Derby Social.com

this is a new social page for roller derby players.  I haven't been THAT active on it, just enough to make a few new friends and read some cool articles.  it's based on FaceBook, but at this time there's a lot less ads and and none of those farmville type games that sometimes besiege us on FB.  though I would be willing to be we'd all want to play rollerderbyville if someone figured out a way to get that going.

you heard it here first!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Samwise Banshee

Real Name: 
Kathy McCarty-Baker

what is the origin of your derby name and number? 

All of my alter egos have seemed to have something to do with hobbits and/or my being Irish. Samwise Gamgee was Frodo's little buddy in LOTR and a Banshee is, more or less, the Irish (tending to be loud and obnoxious) Angel of Death. Seemed fitting. 101 is a stretch but my husband realized if you elongate the ones and make the zero more like an oval, it's starts looking like an eye in a tower. See what he did there? 

How did you get into derby? 
While living in Atlanta, desperate for something to save me from the monotony of my job, Andy and I had a party at our house. After telling someone that I love to skate (roller blade actually), they mentioned roller derby. They then took a look at my size and said "wouldn't it be funny if you played?" ...Challenge Accepted.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Litl Rampage: The Physical Therapy Extrapolation

(for those who came in late... Litl Rampage is sharing her journey back to health from a severely broken ankle.  she's starting physical therapy this week, a very important step in this process!)

The words “Physical Therapy” is like music to my ears! This will be one small step with my left foot and one giant leap towards recovery. Wish me luck!

when do you start physical therapy?
I start physical therapy tomorrow, January 21st 2013.

how are you preparing for the start of physical therapy?
My doctor told me to repeatedly bring my toes to my nose.

How are you getting around these days?
I am getting around with one foot and two crutches! I can’t go anywhere without my crutches. My foot and the crutches are bonding a lot these days.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Potty Mouth Pepper profile

Derby Name:
Potty Mouth Pepper

Real Name:
Is that really necessary? Nobody cares about that!

League(s) affiliated with:

Hidden City Derby Girls

What is the origin of your derby name and number?
I chose my derby name due to a history of saying things that get my ass in trouble! In my job, my home, and even almost caused my brother-in-law’s wedding to be cancelled.  Had to do some ass-kissing to get outta that one!!  Regarding my number, I am a steak eater! So I liked the number #A1. When people ask me why, I just say “Cause It’s Saucy!”

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

the Post Derby Buzz

happens all the time- come home from an intense practice or hard fought bout and you are still wired.  the scrimmage is still in your head, and the great blocks you made or the ones you missed are floating past your eyes. even when closed.  add to that some brand new rules, especially if you are a rookie and your brain won't turn off even while you are laying in your bed thinking "I have to be to work in - amount of hours, sleep, damn brain!" 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

McSteamy 007 profile

since today marks the start of my fourth year in roller derby, I figured I'd do something a little special- my own profile!  I'm sure it's been much asked about...

Real Name: 
David Evan McRobie

what is the origin of your derby name and number?
as many of you know, McSteamy is NOT my first derby name.  my first one was Crash Tiger #411, and that was chosen pretty much because I had just gotten a tattoo of a tiger on my forearm.  the "Crash" came from a nickname of a movie star from the 30s.  411 is my birthday and the number for information, so that was fun.  still, it didn't quite feel right.  some players had been calling me "McSteamy" since Ragin' Redhead had called me that at an after party in front of them, so I decided to make it official in July of last year.  007 is of course because I am suave and debonair like Mr Bond, naturally...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

/1 Jen Mayfield Interview DERBY!

I've seen the ad, which is from Dr Pepper. here's her interview. it's surprisingly familiar though, one I have heard many variations of. I like that Dr Pepper is doing these sorts of spots, even though I don't care for the beverage. it's a nice series overall.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Berle Scout profile

Real Name: 
Jenn Berle

What is the origin of your derby name and number?
My last name is Berle and I've always been fond of it.  I've never met anyone else, outside of my family, with that last name so I really wanted to utilize it in my derby  name.  A friend came up with Berle Scout, which I liked.  I'd rather kick ass with an innocent name than underwhelm with a ferocious name.  It has an element of surprise.  My number, 83, represents the year I was born.

How did you get into derby?
I think like a lot of girls, I watched the movie "Whip It" and fell in love.  I realize it was exaggerated, but inspiring nonetheless.  After I saw the movie I decided that I would try one practice.  If I didn't like it, I only wasted one night of my life.  It was a good choice.

How long have you been playing?
Almost 3 years now

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Roller Derby Refs Video

there's a lot of videos made about roller derby, mostly of the girls beating the crap out of each other. now that's great and all, but as a ref, I feel we don't always get our due. so I decided to make one the other day, when I heard this groovy song. it works pretty well!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hellvira profile

Real Name:
Candace  Miller
what is the origin of your derby name and number?
I love Elvira so it was a pretty easy choice for me! My number 138 is from The Misfits song "We are 138"

How did you get into derby?
I had watched Rollergirls on A&E years ago and wanted to do it so bad. The Derby Dolls were too far away and I couldn't afford it at the time. Then I found out about Hidden City and after giving up on trying to get any of my friends to go there with me, I went and Rosey had me at "Talk to me" when I got there.

How long have you been playing?
I have been playing a little over a year

What is your best derby moment?
Wow, I don't think I have had mine yet to tell you the truth, I have so much to learn. There have been some great moments though, pretty much anytime I put my skates on.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Hidden City Roller Girls on North County News

my pal Roxy Knockout found this video clip of HCDG last night. it's from last April and it's a nice little piece on how roller derby is exciting and fun. Roxy also is interviewed and represents the team well. I am reffing there, and yes, you can see me in a clip or two.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Litl Rampage: The Parking Amplification

for those who came in late- Litl Rampage broke her left leg at the USARS Nationals competition.  this is the story of her journey from being broken to being healed.  we hope it's inspiring to other skaters who have had injuries like this.  it's my pleasure to collaborate with her on this process.

My last appointment with Dr. Valletta went well. I was so happy to have the splint taken off my leg! The doctor took an x-ray of my leg and told me everything seems to be healing nicely.

Unfortunately, I am not allowed to put any weight on my leg for another three weeks and I can’t get it wet for at least another ten days. Also, I have to wear “das boot” 24 hours/7 days a week.

It’s been nearly one month since I haven’t walked or stood on my left leg. I have adapted to depend solely on my right leg (and crutches) when I’m mobile. I couldn’t start the 2013 season with my teammates but at least I have the confidence to beat any of them in a round of hopscotch!
My next appointment with Dr. Valletta is in two weeks. I already know that I will not walk out of his office on my own two feet but maybe miracles do exist.

How is your progress?
My progress seems to be going great. But the nerves in my left toes are still stunned from the anesthesia when I had my surgery back in December. It hurts to put on and take off a sock. My doctor said this was totally normal.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

MotorCrush profile

Real name? 
Laura Vasquez

What is the origin of your derby name and number? Originally my name was suppose to be MotoCrush ( comes from Motocross) but MotorCrush got the biggest likes so I just kept it. It's from my second hobby which is riding dirt bikes. As far as my number 2k it's the year I graduated

How did you get into derby? 

I remember watching it on tv as a kid and telling my mom I was going to do that one day. That one day came and luckily I knew Roxy Knockout thru a mutual friend, and she contacted me on Facebook to join HCDG

How long have you been playing? 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday, Bloody Friday

I've been involved in roller derby now for 3 full years, just starting my fourth.  I've seen a lot of people come and go.  I get it, derby isn't for everyone.  there are people who left that I thought would be there forever, and people who have stayed that I thought would never make it.  I can't count how many would be refs have come through the doors of Skateworld, and I've been there the longest now.  I wasn't even sure I wanted to be an onskates referee for the longest time, all those dang rules to remember. 

but today... wow.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Skatie Perry profile

Real Name: 
Katie Brown

what is the origin of your derby name and number? 
My derby name actually came from Pammtastic, I had a lot of trouble figuring one out. I told her that I loved Katy Perry, (yes, I do...), and how people would call me Katy Perry because of my haircut. So Skatie Perry was born. #999 because nine is my favorite number. Nothing very creative, haha.

How did you get into derby? 
I had wanted to play derby in high school but never had the courage, or money, to actually go out and skate. Than while working at a retirement home, I told a coworker and she told me her neighbor (Morty :]) had started a league and have me her number. I think I went to my first practice that day.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Crash in the New Year 2012

Mouthy and me (as her daughter photo bombs!).
so I begin this year with a post about the last event of 2012 I attended, the three hour scrimmage known as "Crash in the New Year".  this was my second year going and it was a lot of fun.  it was the Third Annual Crash, if anyone needs to know! I knew a lot more of the refs this year, which is a good thing.

last year I was in the rookie/juniors rink, which was fine with me, since I really didn't even know I'd be reffing at all.  the lesson is always bring your gear just in case!  I kind of figured it might happen, since refs are usually needed and that's exactly what happened last year.  this year I registered and all that beforehand, how responsible, no?