Thursday, November 29, 2012

June Cleave-her profile

Real Name:
Callie Black
what is the origin of your derby name and number? 
June Cleave-Her from Leave it to Beaver; 63 the year of my Mercury Comet

How did you get into derby?
I wanted to for as long as I can remember. I thought it was badass, and the only sport that got my attention. I kept saying, "One day". Finally I asked myself, why not now? What am I waiting for? So I looked up the closest league, and went to the very next practice.

How long have you been playing?
Just over a year.

What is your best derby moment?
I don't think I have a best moment. I think it is all the little moments that have built my character, and confidence.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rollergirls (2006)

(yet another post from the other blog, slightly revised and updated for your enjoyment.  I hope!  I did finish watching the entire season, so I'll include the spoilers at the end.  you have been forewarned!)
Apparently airing for one season of 13 episodes on A&E, this is a decent show about banked track roller derby in Texas.

it showcases four different teams from TXRD, which is based in Austin, TX.  we won't hold that against them.  naturally, being a "reality" tv show, they have to include drama from private lives of the various teams, which I have always found suspicious when cameras are rolling.  but perhaps that's just me being cynical.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nutzzz profile

Real Name: Eva King

what is the origin of your derby name and number?
My roller derby number comes from three different reasons 1) I grew up in Santa Barbara 2) this date signifies the birthdate of my godson who passed 3) THE DAY I PASSED MY SKILLS !!!

How did you get into derby?
I grew up watching old school derby and loved rollerskates. It just took me a bit to find my inner derby girl, I already had a grip on the tough girl part.

How long have you been playing?
I've been skating derby now about 3.5 years. Been with SDRD going on my fourth season.

What is your best derby moment?
My best derby moment? Hmmmm??? Well, I'd say getting to really know yourself and what you can accomplish. Derby translates off the track too. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thankscrimmage 2012

I know four people in this picture!
yesterday I spent about 8 hours up in Corona at the Rinks.  the Prison City Derby Girls have put this on for a few years now and it's loads of fun, a mass of well organized chaos that went off pretty well all things considered:

things such as 18 bouts in two rinks for 8 hours.  I don't even remember how many skaters were playing, but there were at 20 refs from all over southern California.  I've worked with several of them for the last three years, so it's always good to see old and new friends from other parts of the country, and not just for a few hours at a time.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Pamm Tastic profile

Real Name:
Stephanie Pamm Tastic McCann

what is the origin of your derby name and number?
Derby name is named after my boobs who's named after Pam from "True Blood". long story.. number 13. I wad born on fFri the 13 so its my fav number always has been.. also my husband's bday is also on 13 th and we were married on Fri the 13.

How did you get into derby?
I saw a flier and thought I'd check it out.. it sounded interesting.. didn't know anything about it.. watch a scrimmage and fell in love.

How long have you been playing?
I have been skating for 2 1/2 years now.. I kept getting injured so this last year was my first season bouting.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

derby thanks 2012

These are a few of the things I am grateful for this year from roller derby:

being able to be a head ref- that was a big fear of mine, and though it took a couple bouts I feel like I've really been able to do it well the last two games.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

San Fernando Valley Roller Derby Promo - You're Stronger Than You Think

here's a short, sweet and to the point promo video for a great league in North Hollywood, San Fernando Valley Roller Derby. I got to know a few of the girls at NollerCon (that scrimmage was awesome and just keeps giving!) and you can see my pal Roswell at the beginning gearing up.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mouthy Mickey profile

Real Name: Mickey Hess
what is the origin of your derby name and number?
It is supposed to be Mickey Mouth but two-evils approved the name for someone else the week I submitted it.  I actually used that as a campaign in college for freshman class sec, your voice on campus, lol. Ok, I have a big mouth.  6'2" is my number for obvious reasons.
How did you get into derby?
Knew Kwyet Wryet, she promoted it a lot.  Debated for 2 years, thought I was too old, finally went.  Went in as a ref, decided I wanted to skate,  skated for 2 weeks, sprained both my knees, decided reffing is better for me.  I don't have the patience to be injured and recover, lol.  Haven't looked back since.

Monday, November 19, 2012

good calls, updated!

remember this post from a few days ago?  well, the young lady in the picture came down to play SDRD in their last bout of the season on Saturday.  the picture here is completely misleading, but it's really funny because it looks like she is slapping Marcy Slayground right in front of God and everybody.

she wasn't, but that's just the awesomeness of derby photography, especially ours, one soulcaptor (hi George!).  he always takes great pictures, and sometimes really funny ones.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Jam Reffing 11-17-2012

Last night I jam reffed my first ever Starlettes bout.  they are SDRD's A-team, and since I only started jam reffing in earnest about six months ago I was a little hesitant to want to do this for an "A" bout.  it's because I'm a massage therapist and not a mathematician, you know.  numbers and I are not the best of friends, even when they agree with me! anyone who knows me can attest to this.  still, it's good to face ones fears so I knew that I'd be jam reffing in the future, finally.

it was also the last position I had done- yeah, I head reffed a bout well before being the "rockstar" ref.  and it was a lot less daunting to be a head ref.  the jam ref gets the notice, especially if they blow a call.  that can make or break a bout (I have a view on that, though, which I'll go into in a later post).   so 2012 was going to be the year I learned to jam ref properly.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

the first bout I reffed

again, a repost from the other blog, this time I wrote about the first bout I ever reffed for, which was just over two years ago.  I hadn't actually thought I was going to ref at that time, but once I realized I could never call the "perfect" game I knew I could do it.  this Saturday I jam ref for the Starlettes for the first time, and that's something I wasn't sure I'd ever do either.  I should have reffed the Rockettes bout the previous month, but alas, work stopped me from making my debut then.

this past Saturday (on 11-13-10) was the final bout of the San Diego Starlettes 2010 season.  I can hardly believe it's been 10 months since this post when I started.

and it only took 10 months to get me into a ref shirt and position!  I had the best time at this game, and am very thankful for all the support I got from the other refs and even the players. the coach was really great as well, letting me make mistakes without making me feel it was the end of the world.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

KGB profile

Real Name:
Karina Eldridge

what is the origin of your derby name and number?
I love Russian history, and couldnt think of a more badass group of people then Soviet Russia's KGB. It also became the acronym “Karina gone bad” . 1917 is the year that the Russian revolution began.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

the Mind of a Derby Ref

another post from the other blog, slightly updated as always.  this one was posted this this year on March 26.  I still think it's a great drawing.  I have been jam reffing now, and am really enjoying learning it.  since math and I are not the best friends, it's been a challenge on occasion.  I'll be jam reffing for the SDRD Starlettes for the first time this coming weekend!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


with the new WFTDA rules coming down the pike, it looks like we will possibly be saying goodbye to the kneeling starts that have become the norm in roller derby.  I reffed a bout last night and it wasn't until the last jam that both teams started on the pivot line.  I'm hoping that one whistle starts will end that, though they may have to implement a pivot box rule likes USARS does.  I would approve of that as well- gotta give the jammers a chance to build up some steam to get through the pack. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

good calls, bad calls, you know I've had my share...

I've been reffing roller derby now for three years.  when I first started learning, I was slightly obsessed with being able to call the "perfect bout".  that probably set me back about 4 months, til I realized calling the "perfect bout" is a myth, since perfection on this planet is a myth.  once I realized that I was ready to ref, because if you wait for the right time to be ready, it will never happen.

the picture here is from last July, at the wonderful one day event called NollerCon (hi Wong!).  this was a three hour black and white scrimmage and I met a lot of great people up there, and had a lot of fun reffing the whole time.  it's great to get to ref a whole new and different set of players than the ones I'm most used to now.  I'm looking forward to it next year!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Evolution of a Derby Girl

Red is the one in the black shirt.
I had another post in mind tonight, but I'll save that for tomorrow or the next day, since I saw this video tonight. Red is a friend of mine, I was there when she started skating (and yes, I should be in the video but I'm not, go figure). she was determined to become a derby girl, and you can watch her progress in the video. and she doesn't gloss over some of the more painful aspects of the journey. she made this video, btw, proving derby girls have many skills!

Monday, November 5, 2012

super skaters!

(again, a repost from my other blog, from 9-13-10, see here for the original.  I haven't added much, actually.  I was still jam timing, and for this double header I was a penalty box timer for the first time, which was pretty fun as well.  it was my first away bout also.)

this is too good a picture not to enjoy here, and possibly explain it a bit: 

as some of you know, I have been doing some officiating for the local San Diego Roller Derby since January (which is amazing to me, in and of itself).  I've made a lot of new, good friends there and have been having a great time.  and I'm losing weight, which is a pleasant bonus!

one of my new friends is Allison Ross, who goes by the name "Wonder Whoop'em" when she is in her derby gear.  this has led to some small discussion about Wonder Woman, here and there.  I'm sure that comes as no surprise to anyone who knows me.  in fact, I called her daughter "Wonder Tot" earlier today.  I am sure Allison just thought it was cute, without knowing there actually used to be a "Wonder Tot" in the past.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

So... WFTDA Championships

I like watching roller derby when I am not actively involved, or if it's in some distant corner of the Earth I can't get to.  I appreciate the feeds people put up for it and that it's usually free of adverts or that sort of thing, or that the ads are short and small.  it's just nice to be able to see the various bouts, especially if my league is playing in a tournament.  there's a lot of work that goes on getting the cams set up in the best view they can find, and I rarely complain about choppiness or interrupted feeds.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

my first bout

(again, this is a re-post from my other blog, and slightly updated after three years of experience.  I'm pleasantly surprised that I can copy and paste all the pictures as well as links and such now! the below post was mostly written on 1-24-10 so keep that in mind, please.)

it's amazing what can happen when one watches a cheap "reality" tv show, such as "LA Ink".  in the first season in walked a girl who did roller derby to get a tattoo.  I thought to myself, I wonder if San Diego has roller derby.
I only remembered roller derby from the 70s, and figured it might be a good show.  I googled "roller derby San Diego to find out if it was around here.  guess what?  it was!  two different leagues came up, and I chose the closest one, San Diego Roller Derby.  I found out about it from their blog here, (the blog is defunct now, check their website) and then their facebook page as well.

so I decided I would go to the game that was played yesterday (01-23-10) about three weeks ago.  then, they posted a notice on FB about needing referees.  that was an intriguing idea... they said "no experience needed" which was a good thing to read, since my reffing experience was limited to judging sparring matches in kung fu.

so I contacted the team captain, Lady Diesel, and she told me when to come down and discuss what I could do to help out.  I went down on Sunday the 17th, and Thursday the 21st where I became the Jam Timer.  I and learned a LOT about roller derby in those few days!  I didn't even put skates on that first day.

it's kind of amazing to go from never seen a live match before to a rather important part of the game- I started the "jams" and stopped them if they got to the 2 minute mark.  that's a lot of pressure, for a novice whistle blower like myself, I must say.
here's the edifice that houses the rink.  I bet it has not changed since it was built, or at least the 70s.  the color scheme is exactly the same as every rink I've ever been in.  my friend Sharon called it without even having SEEN the inside!